By the Glass
Sparkling Gls Btl
riva ‘house’ sparkling brut N.V. 8.5
regional blend, S.A.
N.V. croser 10
adelaide hills, S.A.
N.V. moet & chandon imperial 17
epernay France
riva sauvignon blanc 8.5
regional blend, Aust
14 kapuka sauvignon blanc 9
marlborough, N.Z.
15 hewitson gun metal riesling 9
eden valley, S.A.
13 silverwood chardonnay 10
mornington peninsula, Vic
15 villa maria private bin pinot gris 10
east coast, N.Z.
riva ‘house’ red 8.5
regional blend, Aust
13 swan bay pinot noir 10
bellarine peninsula, Vic
14 petaluma 100 line cabernet sauvignon 9
coonawarra, S.A.
14 st hallett black clay shiraz 9.5
barossa, S.A.
13 pikes los companeros shiraz tempranillo 9.5
clare valley, S.A.
Moscato & Rose
15 innocent bystander moscato 10
swan hill, Vic
14 eradus rosé 10
yarra valley, Vic
Sparkling & Champagne Gls Btl
riva ‘house’ sparkling brut N.V. 8.5 28
regional blend, S.A.
N.V. capel vale ‘the debut’ cuvee 32.5
margaret river, W.A.
N.V. veuve d’argent blanc de blanc 40.0
loire, France
N.V. Croser 10 48
adelaide hills, S.A.
09 josef chromy vintage sparkling 65.0
relbia, Tas
N.V. moet & chandon imperial 17 99
epernay France
N.V. G.H. Mumm cordon rouge 110
reims, France
N.V. veuve clicquot 125
epernay France
N..V.veuve Clicquot Rosé 145
epernay France
NON ALCOHOLIC eden vale sparkling 28.0
Riesling  Gls  Btl
14 henschke peggy’s hill riesling 28
eden valley, S.A.
15 hewitson gun metal riesling 9 32
eden valley, S.A.
13 mesh riesling 56.5
eden valley, S.A.
Pinot Gris / Grigio / Aromatics Gls Btl
15 pikes luccio pinot grigio 28
clare valley, S.A.
15 coriole chenin blanc 32
mclaren vale, S.A.
15 villa maria private bin pinot gris 10 38
east coast, N.Z.
14 roaring meg pinot gris by mt difficulty 40
central otago, N.Z.
15 innocent bystander pinot gris 44
yarra valley, Vic
Sauvignon Blanc / Sauvignon Blanc Semillons  Gls  Btl
riva sauvignon blanc 8.5 28
regional blend, Aust
15 vidal sauvignon blanc 34
marlborough, N.Z.
14 kapuka sauvignon blanc 9 38
marlborough, N.Z.
14 wither hills sauvignon blanc 43.5
marlborough, N.Z.
13 shaw & smith sauvignon blanc 55
margaret river, W.A
12 shaw & smith sauvignon blanc 55
adelaide hills, S.A.
Chardonnay Gls Btl
13 luella chardonnay 32
adelaide hills, S.A.
14 sandalford ‘element’ chardonnay 34
margaret river, W.A.
14 the architect chardonnay by philip shaw 36
orange, N.S.W.
13 silverwood chardonnay 10 44
mornington peninsula, Vic
13 capel vale regional chardonnay 48
margaret river, W.A.
15 petaluma white label chardonnay 65
adelaide hills, S.A.
Rosé Gls Btl
14 eradus rose 10 38
marlborough, N.Z.
15 innocent bystander rosé 48.5
yarra valley, Vic
Moscato Gls Btl
15 innocent bystander moscato 10 44
swan hill, Vic
Pinot Noir Gls Btl
14 kapuka pinot noir 28
marlborough, N.Z.
14 pepik pinot noir 34
relbia, Tas
14 innocent bystander pinot noir 38
yarra valley, Vic
13 swan bay pinot noir 10 48
bellarine peninsula, Vic
13 stonier pinot noir 68.5
mornington peninsula, Vic
Cabernet / Cabernet Blends Gls Btl
14 st hallett gamekeepers cabernet sauvignon 32
barossa, S.A.
14 coriole redstone cabernet sauvignon 36
mclaren vale S.A.
14 petaluma 100 line cabernet sauvignon 9 38
coonawarra, S.A.
04 chapel hill cabernet sauvignon 41.5
mclaren vale, S.A
03 reschke ‘vitulus’ cabernet sauvignon 8.5 44.5
coonawarra S.A
13 bowen estate cabernet sauvignon 58
coonawarra, S.A.
12 penna lane cabernet sauvignon 62
clare valley, S.A.
Merlot / Other Red Varietals Gls Btl
13 pikes los companeros shiraz tempranillo 9.5 40
mclaren vale, S.A.
12 the conductor merlot by philip shaw 34
orange, N.S.W.
13 villa maria private bin merlot 44
New Zealand
Shiraz / Shiraz Blends Gls Btl
riva ‘house’ red 8.5 28
regional blend, Aust
14 beaumont shiraz 34.5
clare valley, S.A.
14 philip shaw the idiot shiraz 39.5
orange, N.S.W.
14 st hallett black clay shiraz 9.5 42
barossa, S.A.
13 coriole redstone shiraz 52
mclaren vale, S.A.
11 leeuwin estate shiraz 72
margaret river, W.A.
13 st hallett ‘blackwell’ shiraz 89
barossa valley, S.A.
10 130
mclaren vale, S.A.
10 henschke ‘tapa pass’ shiraz 145
barossa valley, S.A.
NON ALCOHOLIC eden vale shiraz 28.0
Tap Beer & Cider Pot 285ml 380ml
boags draught 5 8
hahn super dry 5.5 8.5
james squire 150 lashes pale ale 6 9
heineken 6 9
kirin 6 9
james squire – orchard crush apple cider 6 9
Bottled Beers
Austrailan beers & Cider
james boags premium light 6
james boags premium 8.5
pure blonde 8.5
crown 8.5
fat yak 9
james squire amber ale – nine tails 9
james squire golden ale – the chancer 9
International beers
corona 9.5
heineken 9.5
becks 9.5
hoegaarden 9.5
stella artois 9.5
kirin 9.5
budweiser 9.5
guinness 10
draught can
Summer breeze 16
a cool mix of absolute vodka,bacardi limon,
pineapple & cranberry
Mint Julep 19
Dust off your Kentucky derby hat with this iconic
bourbon cocktail.
Espresso Martini 18
a fresh espresso shot, absolut vodka,
kahlua, and chocolate liqueur
Lychee and Ginger Martini 18
The combination of lychee and ginger give
this cocktail a delicious Asian flair
Clover Club Cocktail 18
A variation on the gin sour, that thrilled pre
prohibition drinkers with their simple elegance.
Gin, Lemon Juice, Raspberry Syrup, and an egg white
Toblerone 17
dessert in a glass, kahlua, frangelico,
baileys, cream and chocolate
Margarita 19
salt optional..premium jose cuervo tequila,
cointreau, lemon juice
Japanese Slipper 18
a fine line between sweet and sour..
with midori melon liqueur, cointreau and
lemon juice
Smoked Negroni 19
Where there’s smoke, there’s a negroni.
Gin, Campari and red vermouth smoked
in our very own way
Dark “N” Stormy 16
Popular within the sailing community, the
dark”n”stormy is also the national drink of
Havana Club rum, ginger beer and a twist of lime
Old Fashioned 18
Needs no intro.
Bourbon, sugar, bitters garnished with an
orange peel
Long Beach Iced Tea 19
absolut vodka, jose cuervo, tequila,
bacardi white rum, cointreau, gordons
gin, sweet and sour mix, topped with cranberry juice
South Side 20
a mojito hybrid…..
tanqueray gin, fresh lime,fresh mint,dash of sugar
Caipirinha 19
a brazilian carnival classic,
cachaca sugar cane rum, fresh lime
El St Kilda 18
It’s sweet, sour, refreshing and it will leave you
wanting more
Kraken rum, sweet vermouth, lime juice, grenadine
and a hint of chocolate liqueur
New York New York 18
Top a classic Whiskey Sour with red wine to
get this delicious pre-prohibition tipple
Bloody Mary 18
need a pick me up? This classic will do the trick.
Choose on a scale of 1 – 10 how spicy you like yours.
Made with a combination of vodka, tomato juice
and our very own spices.
French Kiss
Because adding champagne instantly elevates 19
the situation.
Gin, lemon, sugar and french bubbly